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The Biodiesel Starter Kit provides instructions and most of the supplies that you need to learn how to do a titration and to make a one liter mini-batch of biodiesel.

Working with the Starter Kit is an excellent way to learn the basics of making biodiesel without having to make a large investment. Once you have mastered making biodiesel on a small scale, it is much easier to make it on a larger scale. In addition to the written instructions and supplies, the kit includes a CD with a power point presentation on Biodiesel Basics and Biodiesel Works owner, Bruce Barbour, on the Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs show making biodiesel.

NOTE Due to shipping restrictions, we cannot provide Sodium Hydroxide (lye), Methanol, Isopropyl Alcohol or vinegar. Lye can be purchased in small quantities through local chemical supply companies. Methanol can be purchased at Auto Supply Stores as a fuel additive called HEET (in the yellow bottle). Drug and grocery stores carry isopropyl alcohol, purchase 92% pure or higher.

Customer Testimonial

The Biodiesel Works Starter Kit comes with everything necessary to successfully make biodiesel in two 2-litre soda bottles. I appreciated the safety items that came with the starter kit; no other kit contains the spill kit and the vinegar to counteract the lye. The reaction proceeds painlessly, titration directions are easy to follow, and folks are very impressed by the whole process and the product.
D. Carveth, Everett, WA.

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